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Public Auction

Saturday, November 30th, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Wood Framed Pedal Grindstone, Tools, Planes, Wrenches,
Collectibles, License Tags, Yardsticks, Advertising Rain Gauges,
Pocket Knives, Glass & Wood Quilt Case, Featherweight Sewing Table

Citizen Pottawatomi Community Buildibng
806 Nishnabe Trail, Rossville, Kansas

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Wood framed pedal grindstone; wooden wheat drill wheel; Stanley #113 concave/convex plane; Keen Kutter plane; bullnose plane; Stanley #46 plane; Stanley butt marker; Little Giant plane set; saws-wood, hack, cross-cut, meat & others; saw vise; collection of wood braces; drawknives; wooden levels; hand shaves; string levels.

WRENCHES: 39 Buggy wrenches; hundreds various wrenches (Implement, pipe, monkey, Ford, Fordson, Silo, many many others);

Vise grips; fence tools; pliers; riveters; 13 nail pullers; lead melting pots; blow torches; pipe cutters & vises; 30 plus hand grinders; sickle grinders; hand sickles; horn weights; dehorners; planter plates; oil can spouts; chain breakers; jacks; 2 Fireman’s axes; 5 axes; hatchets; 3 water pumps; 2 brass filling station water nozzles; Vintage hood ornaments; check row wire & stakes (IH, JD); barb wire display; approximately 300 license tags; 100 yardsticks; 20 buggy steps; floor model sheep shearer; shoe repair form stands, shoe lasts, shoe repair anvils; ammo boxes; hog scrapers; Ford hubcaps & radiator caps; plumb bobs; unique mouse traps; 22 advertising rain gauges; 95 old pocketknives; Edison Mazda lamps tin; WIBW 25th Anniversary book; Keen Kutter pocketknife box; Keen Kutter, Remington & Winchester scissors; cistern cups; Coca-Cola wall mount opener; glass clown juice bank; Marlboro camera; coin counter; Oldsmobile ashtray; cast iron mortar & pestol; Saddle soap tins; Keen Kutter hay knife; harpoon hay spear; Keen Kutter post hole digger & other old unique diggers; AT&SF gallon can; Wards 2 ½ gallon oil tins; 2 well pulleys; Blacksmith tools; traps; Winchester wrench; crate tools; ice skates; 3 U.S.E.D. shovels; wagon wheel hubs; hoes, rakes, shovels; potato fork; pitch forks-2 tine & others; scythes; pry bars; grub hoes; mauls; sledges; cream separator; cherry pitter; food grinders; fruit jars; 3 copper boilers; 3 lard presses; wire egg holder; match boxes; lunch boxes; bee smoker; doorknobs; cast iron shelf brackets; meat cleavers; tobacco tins; various scales; letter openers; 7 belt buckles; Skiddy, Kansas thermometer; advertising ice scrapers; folding rulers; many collectible trinkets.

Flag & Lone Wolf pictures; needlepoint footstool; glass & wood quilt case; cobalt blue glass; Black Amethyst; blue milkglass epergne; Frankoma; Singer fancy portable sewing machine; frog figurines; pin cushions; 20 small sewing machine figurines; 2 Singer sewing machine banks; Featherweight sewing table; Shirley Temple & other dolls; child’s wood ironing board; newer Radio Flyer toys; Christmas decorations; craft & sewing supplies; cookbooks; antique reference books; Goose & Raccoon cookie jars. Lots more!


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