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Sunday, November 18th, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Horse Drawn Buggy, Antiques, Primitives, 300± License Tags,
Tools, Blacksmith Tools, Household, and More

Citizen Pottawatomi Community Building
806 Nishnabe Trail - Rossville, Kansas

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Horse Drawn Buggy (very good)

Metal McCormick Deering corn sheller; Wooden sandwich Manufacturing Co. corn sheller; several hand corn shellers; 2 White Eagle and 1 Skelly 10 gallon galvanized fuel cans; Fire engine lantern; Rock Island lantern with blue and clear globe; 8 barn lanterns; Copper boilers; cross-cut saws; milk cans; milk stool; cowbells; 7 oil jars and carrier; 14 pair harness hames; 2 metal and several leather horse collars; Approximately 300 license tags; old shovels; wrenches; hand saws; old buckets; Blacksmith tools and tongs; cast iron boiler; Idea #1 stencil cutter; insulators; US Navy machete; Collection of large and small casings; trenching shovels; 2 mess kits; ammo boxes; gun powder can; Army oilers; 2 screw house jacks; handyman jacks; grist  mill; wagon wheel soakers; 5 parking meters; 150 advertising yardsticks; collection of 33 hair clippers; de-horners; foot warmers; wooden levels; marking gauges; scythes; IH tool box; large glass chicken waterer; kitchen cabinet; sugar jar dispenser; shock tightener; garden tools; wooden boxes; Kitchen knives and cleavers; yankee drills; hand grinders; horse and pitching shoes; miner’s pans; Advertising wooden clothes hangers; wood spools; stove shakers and lifters; bull whips; old silverware; iron hangers; lead rounds and bars; lead ladles; large and small ice tongs; stove pokers; ash shovels; ice saw and hook; kraut cutter; meat saws and hooks; cow stanchions; jars; whips; sledge hammers; wedges; axes; water cans; pitch forks; shovels; Hoosier Oak cabinet (roll front with spice jars); Kitchen cabinet top with frosted glass (painted); several fancy cast iron beds including baby bed; flat top small humpback trunks; large wooden tool chest; primitive chest; wood wash tub and stand; wooden bench; approximately 30 cast iron skillets; griddles; cornbread pan; waffle irons; kettles including Griswold heart waffle iron; Dazey #40 churn; coffee grinder; milk bottles and carriers; wooden egg crate; wooden hat mold; Collection of 68 Advertising rain gauges; cast iron kettle; Chatillion green porcelain hanging grocery scale (From Delia, KS grocery); Simpson tree weight counter scale; grist mill; wooden meat bucket; wooden barrel churn; table top platform scale; 5¢and 10¢postage stamp dispenser; Pepsi 5¢tin barrel; Pepsi bottle carrier; old plastic Coke sign; 8 gallon Diamond, 4 gallon Elephant Ear, 2 gallon Western and 5 gallon jug (no handle); wooden towel rack; wooden spicot; sad and gas irons; wood cheese boxes; McCoy planter; old electric fan; rug beaters; bottle cappers; IH tool box; wood rolling pins; Oak booster seat for barber chair; Coca Cola sign; check writer; cast camel shelf brackers; wooden ironing boards; wooden figural cutting boards; Bordens ½ pt embossed milk bottle and other milk bottles; Coffee and Tobacco tins; food grinders; stainless milk container; coal bucket; Copper and other tea kettes; cast iron trivets; fruit jars; local advertising kitchenware; Burma shave jars; Collection of many church key bottle openers; advertising paint openers; trolly car links; buckets; wooden Ford battery box; vintage auto hood ornaments; IH brass radiator cap; steering wheel knobs; stomper washer; advertising dust pan; sewing machine drawers; wood boxes; wood levels and marking gauges; wooden bowls; foot warmers; blow torches; hay knives; shoe last; hay knife; buggy steps; spring seat springs; hatchets; cast iron bill holders; wagon wrenches and hames; mole and other traps; speculum; corn nubber; LOTS MORE!


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