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Sunday, September 16th, 2018 at 11:00 AM

2001 Ford Explorer XLT, 2 HP One Cylinder Gas Engine,
Signs, Advertising Items, Blacksmith Forge, Anvil,
Horse Windmill Weight, Antiques, Cast Iron, Crocks

Citizen Pottawatomi Community Building
806 Nishnabe Trail - Rossville, Kansas

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2001 Ford Explorer XLT, only 56,700 original miles, very very clean!
Witte 2HP one cylinder gas engine on trucks.

SIGNS: Marland double sided porcelain; Gates; Dayton Motors; Columbus Shock Absorber; Raybestos brake check; Delco battery Wheel bearing service; Everbend tail pipes; Golden Krust bread door push; Standard Blue Streak ignition & tune-up; Weatherhead equipment; Ford battery display; boot polish display; DeLaval cream separator; Remac parts; Autolite; Napa with bracket hanger; Ames, Ks State Bank thermometer; Chesterfield cigarettes; Grizzly Brakes; Delco battery shaped sign.

Blacksmith forge; forge blower on stand; large mandrel grinder; Tinner’s anvil; benders; Hardees; crimpers; Blacksmith tools; 10 branding irons; 33 5-gallon advertising oil cans; 4 advertising tire display stands; Delco battery jars; Horse windmill weight; wood framed pedal grindstone; large wooden wringer; large cast iron mortar & pestol; Keen Kutter reel mower; 2 large cast iron butchering kettles; old tricycle; 55 gallon ATSF barrel; UPRR broom/chipper; 3 wagon wheel oilers; buggy & wagon jacks; small wood burning monkey stove; wood tub stand; tubs; square tub aluminum Maytag wringer washer; corn shellers; 1920’s Cadillac & other large old headlights; egg baskets; hide stretchers; hand grinders; hay knives; Yankee drills; 150 yardsticks; coal shovels; tins; OVER 120 kitchen utensils & gadgets; Griswold, Wagner cast iron skillets, waffle irons & kettles; washboards; old irons; carpet stretcher; squirt oil cans; ladles; Boy Scout items; hand saws; cream can; coal buckets; 50 Railroad, Keen Kutter & Simmons shovels, picks & hammers; 20 implement toolboxes; garden edger mower; CROCKS: 10 Gallon Birchleaf, 2 & 5 gallon Birchleaf churns; No. 7 water cooler; apple butter jars; covered bale jar; lye dispenser; 2 3-gallon Western churns; 2 lids; pen & pencil collection; 10 pr harness hames; pulleys; brass blade & other fans; ice scraper collection; Railroad track anvil; broad axe; Keen Kutter & ATSF cans; spittoon; egg incubator; Grocery store scales; dough mixer; wooden mallets; hay probe tester; apple butter stirrer; rug beaters; cream stirrer; ice saw; leggings; 40 stove lifters & shakers; unique push mower; large gaslight globes; cream stirrers; advertising pocket notebooks; clothes wringers; wooden wall dryer; planter; various scales; DeRatter-Mouser bait dispenser; Coors & other advertising ashtrays; granite coffee pot; tubs; buckets; 3 wooden beer cases; wooden tripods; stomper washers; curtain stretchers; wooden advertising boxes; chicken feeder; traps; sad irons; collection of over 100 prs scissors; wood ironing board; meat hooks (some advertising); block ice tools; fish gigs; box wagon winch (wood); gambrel butchering sticks; auto luggage racks; sewing machine drawers; MANY MORE ITEMS!

Keen Kutter gas cans; General Store 2-wheel coffee grinder; 1917 & other Military mess kits; Corn King corn meal grinder; Coleman lamps.


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