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Estate Auction

Saturday, June 24th, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Large Fiestaware Estate - Approximately 1750 Pieces

Citizen Pottawatomi Nation Community Bldg
806 Nishnabe Trail, Rossville, Kansas

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Large Fiestaware Estate Auction
Approximately 1750 Pieces

6 complete sets of nesting mixing bowls (green, yellow, ivory, cobalt, red & turquoise)
6 syrups-old
Red 11 ¾” fruit bowl
Set of 3-small, medium, large red ball jars
Set of 3 small, medium, large cobalt ball jars
Set of 3 small, medium, large yellow ball jars
2-4” covered casseroles with lids (red & yellow)
5-10” chop plates including medium green
6-14” chop plates (original colors)
9-12” chop plates including med. green
43-9 ½” dinner plates (4 med. green, 3 red)
12 medium teapots with lids(original colors including med. green & red)
48 napkin rings-12 new colors-4 each
7 bud vases-7 new colors
6 dinner plates-new colors
2 new vegetable bowls-one damaged
11 old pitchers including med. Green, red, cobalt
8 refrigerator jars (red, yellow, cobalt, green with lids)
6 ice pitchers (old including red)
10 old coffee pots (including red & cobalt)
8 new coffee pots (various colors)
5 old cups including med. green, red, cobalt)
2 Fiesta Kitchen Kraft covered casseroles with lids (green)
Kitchen Kraft ball jar with tulips
6 nesting bowl lids (red, 3 yellow, ivory, green)
Green divided relish-yellow round insert & 6 curved inserts
24 large tumblers (old)
Med. green sugar bowl & creamer
6 stick creamers (old)
6 old covered mustards
5 covered marmalade jars-old including red)
6 covered onion soups
6 carafes (including red & cobalt) 12 old covered casseroles with lids
10 deep plates (rimmed soup-old)
6 old sweets comports
18 old 8 ½” vegetable bowls (including red, med. green, cobalt)
12 new 8 ½” vegetable bowls
Med. green covered casserole & deep plate
Rose deep plate
11 old various colors covered casseroles with lids (one without lid)
10 old egg cups (large)
11 old ashtrays-various colors including med. green
10 2pt jug pitchers-old including red & cobalt
Yellow promo creamer & sugar with lid
5-6” med. disk pitchers-new
10 sets old demi cups & saucers
6 demi coffee pots (red, cobalt & others)
12 old utility trays
Green & red 9 ½” vegetable bowls
Red gravy boat
11 old creamer & sugars with lids & 6 individual pcs
11 old gravy boats including med. green & cobalt
12 sets of old bulb salt & peppers (including med. green, cobalt, red
2 singe bulb S&P (one med. green)
Kitchen Kraft-4 individual casseroles
12 ball S&P
Red squatty creamer & sugar
2 figure eight trays
32 ball candleholders (old & new colors)
13 new gravy boats including plum
16 new bulb candleholders
9 new sweetener packet holders
8 sets new demi cups & saucers
7 new spoon rests
Small creamer & sugar
5 creamer & sugars (including plum)
4 pedestal fruit bowls (red, ivory, yellow, cobalt)
Kitchen Kraft nesting bowl lids (6” green, 8 ½” cobalt, 10” yellow)
2 refrigerator jars-green base, yellow lid & cobalt, red lid
Kitchen Kraft salad fork & spoon (green, yellow, cobalt fork & green fork, cobalt spoon, red spoon
4 pie servers (red, cobalt, green, yellow)
Egg cooker with 4 cups (white, green, blue, red)
2 pedestal fruits (turquoise, green)
3-14 ½” chop plates (2 red, one rose)
Oval Kitchen Kraft plate with metal holder & 12” green plate with metal handle
6 large footed salad bowls (yellow, green, red, cobalt, ivory, turquoise)
5-11 ¾” fruit bowls
5 new pitchers (various colors)
4 new trivets
2 vintage green & cobalt pie plates
13 old cream soup bowls
2-10 ½” vegetable bowls (shamrock & cinnabar)
2-8 ¼” jug bowls
Porky Pig deep bowl
3 deep plates
2 modern teapots (chartreuse & persimmon)
New persimmon coffee pot
Sea mist chop plate, pasta bowl, footed fruit
Tangerine deep plate
9 ½” yellow salad bowl
Yellow Kitchen Kraft jug pitcher
Green percolator (complete)
Yellow promotional stick handled casserole with lid
Cobalt Kitchen Kraft covered casserole
Yellow vegetable bowl with lid
2 yellow casserole lids
Red salad fork
17-4 ½” old fruit bowls (including red, med. green)
22- 5 ½” old fruit bowls (including med. green, red, cobalt)
17 cereal bowls (including med. green, red, cobalt)
6 individual salad bowls
45 cup saucers (including red, med. green, cobalt)
27-6” bread & butter plates (including med. green, red, cobalt)
39-7” salad plates (including med. green, red, cobalt)
12 deep plates (including med. green, cobalt, red)
11-12 ½” platters (including med. green, red, cobalt)
Yellow & med. green vegetable bowl
Medium green 7 ½” individual salad
6 old teapots including red & med. green) 9-10 ½” 3-section grill plates (including red & cobalt)
5-11 ½” divided grill plates (including red & cobalt)
3 vintage deep plates
Red & yellow pie plates
Black kitchen mate skillets
6 new water glasses
6 new vegetable bowls (various colors)
New chartreuse deep plate
10 new colors chop plates
Various new saucers, 6 cereal bowls, bread & butter
8 new teapots (new colors)
12 new colors pitchers
6 new medium disk pitchers
8-9 ½” platters (new various colors)
9 creamer/sugar set on figure eight tray (new colors)
8 new creamer & sugar sets
2 large Millennium vases (white with rose, yellow)
Yellow plastic insulated carafe
Paper towel holder
9 magnets
2 ornaments
10-8” modern vases
8 new 10” vases (various colors)
22pcs new Holiday Holly Christmas Fiesta
Latte cups
Modern S&P
Cheese knife set
Looney Toon pieces
6 vintage bud vases (including red & cobalt)
11 new bud vases
19 old coffee mugs (including med. green, red & cobalt)
34 vintage cups (including med. green & red)
25 new mini disk pitchers-variety of colors
28 new tripod candleholders
Sun porch Limited Edition of 500 mini disk pitcher & 2 tripod candleholders
6 small disk timers
10 new 10” vases
2 Kitchen Kraft covered jug pitchers (red & cobalt with lids)
6 old 12” vases including red & cobalt
7 old 10” vases
6 old 8” vases (including red & cobalt)
12 old tripod candleholders
8 medium old disk pitchers (including red & cobalt)
Small medium large ball Kitchen Kraft jars
8-12” pasta plates
9 new covered butter dishes
4 new footed egg cups
9 bullion cups
12 new various colors 5 ½” fruit bowls
7 new coffee mugs
7 new stacking cereal bowls
3-13 ½”  large platters & 6-9 ½” platters (new)
13 various new bowls
9 new various pie plates
4 small teapots
7 Fiesta Mates teapots
13-5 ½” soup bowls
5 sets new demi cups & saucers
9 new utility trays
Cake plates-Fiesta Club-character & Looney Toon
13 ½” plum & peacock platters
Happy Birthday plate
2 yellow stove top S&P’s
Sugar bag holder
Hostess trays
9 new colors cake plates
12-11 ½” chop plates (new)
8pcs Looney Toon
8 new covered casseroles
2 metal teapots
Chartreuse covered casserole
4 new large disk pitchers
3 new modern disk pitchers
8” new blue vase 7 pcs American Citation
Persimmon covered casserole-med. pitcher, gravy & creamer & sugar
Plum bud & 8” vase
9 new 5pc place settings (new)
5 new cups (various new colors) tripod bowl candleholder
1997 persimmon Fiesta lady & 1997 white Holly ornaments
Teapot lamp by Charles Lundeen
Yellow waffle iron
Navy ice bucket
Navy toaster
Fiesta spice set (NIB)
10-5pc place settings of silverware (new colors) 2 sets of 4 steak knives (yellow, sea mist)
Looney Toon large periwinkle pitcher & mug
Periwinkle napkin/S&P holder
7 Fiesta candles
Cinnabar spoon rest
Wooden rotating Lazy Susan tray with relish
Wooden Hors d’oeuvres tray with pick holder
5pcs popcorn metal set
Teapot trivet
Yellow bowl clock
Kitchen Kraft individual casserole
106 pcs Bakelite handled silverware
10 dinner plates (new & old, various colors)
8 old saucers (including red, med. green, cobalt)
2-7” salad plates
11-6” bread & butter plates (including cobalt & red) -5 ½” fruit bowls (red & moss).

NOTE: Charles & Donna Lundeen of Junction City, Kansas collected many years, they did not buy damaged pieces. This is truly a premier collection being sold at Auction. A Beautiful collection!


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